Watch for New Network Marketing Info on this Blog

It’s been a busy past year and I’m proud to say that great things have happened for a lot of families all over the country as well as internationally.

I will be getting re-engaged in blogging and increasing my internet presence in 2010.  Watch for developments on this blog.

See you at the Top,

Holton and Earlene Buggs


Again people are Asking – “Where is Holton Buggs?”

We are here, as always, ready to serve the Network Marketing Community. You will continue to see posts and new information show up here on a regular basis (lately, it’s been semi-regular). No apologies for not being around more – but we have been BUSY! We will also be building a new site soon. More good stuff and more extensive.

Busy is good and as you all should know we all need to be busy right now. We are in the best months for building Network Marketing Teams and getting great products in people’s hands.

Wrap that around the news of the day (I don’t follow it much – but wow people really want to talk about it) and we have an even better opportunity to allow people to earn extra income and for bargain basement prices.

Where can you go today and find a business that you can start from scratch for a nominal up front cost and make your initial outlay back in the first month + profit. Pretty much unheard of right now. But it can be done and that’s where you have a massive opportunity to help people.

When the economy is not where people really want it to be guess which industry EXPLODES?! That’s right Network Marketing, so if you’re getting started be excited to know that you are in the right place at the right time!

But how do I do it? Or what should I do next? – Go out and TALK TO PEOPLE. That is the only way they will ever find out that you have something that can solve their problems and in some cases quickly – Ladies and gentleman “Be a Solutions Provider”. Find out their “Needs” and “Provide a Solution”

Is that how you do it Holton? Yes that’s it. It’s Simple.

These Next Few Months are the Biggest Months of Network Marketing.

Football season has started! That’s great and I always get excited;however, I’m not watching football right now. I have a choice, like we all do, to watch people play the game of football and get paid millions and bring joy to others OR play IN the game of life and make millions and personally bring joy to many others!

Historically speaking September through November have always been major months for Network Marketing businesses. You notice I said businesses? That’s right, if you have a business (not a hobby), it’s a window of opportunity that will allow you to get some major momentum on your teams.

This is a great time to do a 90 day blitz or a special event launch. Get your team together and plan a launch that will keep engagement high for the next 30 days – 90 days.

Should it be continuous? It depends on what it is. But contests & other events generally shouldn’t run for more than 30 days. But if you have a well thought out launch plan for the 90 days that includes various elements of a contest for a period of time leading up to a team building event you can stretch it out.

I heard this said by a networker – “I have a WalMart mentality – I’m always open for business!” That being said ask yourself a question, if you owned a Walmart would you close it at 5:00 pm and take the weekends off?

Treat your Network Marketing Business like a business for the next 3 months and you will have a business that will pay you for a lifetime!


Talking About Events – Again?! Yes Again!

Make the Leap to the Event!

Make the Leap to the Event!

Network Marketing and MLM Events seem to always be a topic especially when an event is coming. And it absolutely should be the MAIN topic. Sometimes you may hear so much about events and the importance of them that you forget the TRUE IMPORTANCE of them.

Events are the lifeblood of any growing, thriving, momentum induced Network Marketing Business. Without events your business will flounder and die over time. The events are the glue that keep it all together and I want to cover Event psychology and why they work so well and get you over 100% return in your Network Marketing Business.

I’m sure at some point in your Network Marketing Career you have experienced event overload. That’s where you have heard so much about an event that you are tired of hearing about it! Well if that’s the case, it’s probably because you didn’t have the money to attend, your team wasn’t growing or you didn’t believe it could help your business. Well on all three points that thinking will destroy your Network Marketing business.

So what is the psychology behind an event and why do they propel people forward to accomplish more than they ever have? Events (not just Network Marketing Events) are designed to bring people together who are bound by a commonality. That common ground may be the product, the concept, the idea or in some cases just to have FUN! Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter – the purpose is to get people together to share the bond, the camaraderie, get new information and to know and understand that they have a unique opportunity to win at something through their own efforts rather than just be a part of something (a job).

There is one thing you never want to say to yourself when you are at an event (but unfortunately I hear it every time!)

“I Wish I would Have Tried Harder to Get More People to this EVENT!”

Do Not be the person who utters that quote. Ladies and Gentlemen – I have witnessed life changing decisions being made at events that have changed the financial, emotional and spiritual lives of the people who made them and allowed them to receive riches in all areas of their lives. For that reason alone I will be an aggressive promoter of events. They are too important to miss – too important to your business, your family and your lives.

We’ll see you all at Convention in St. Louis! Watch for the exclusive launch that will be available when convention starts on August 6th.

Leadership, Holton Buggs and YTB – It’s a Trifecta!

The Leadership Training in Sacramento California on Saturday June 21st brought together a roomful of the best Networkers in the Country.  Holton Buggs walked the group through advanced leadership pitfalls and challenges and how to move beyond the Dysfunctions a team can have and Focus on NEW BEGINNINGS.

Holton Buggs Leadership Training

This set everyone up for a Training on, Sunday June 22, that challenged the old beliefs of Network Marketing and moved the group of over 150 excited participants to New Levels of Action.  When the student is ready the teacher appears and the teachers were there in full force.

Holton Buggs YTB Regional Training

Holton Buggs, Edwin Haynes and Bill Fox trained from 10:00am until 9:00pm and the crowd still wanted more.  Network Marketing has been around for several decades but it has never seen the likes of these 3 leaders train in the same room at the same time with a massive level of IMPACT.  The briefings in the Sacramento and Oakland areas were evidence of the momentum created with large numbers in both markets for the Thursday Night Travel Briefings.

And as it is stated “Never miss a training you qualify for”  Thankfully the 150+ didn’t miss it!

Are You Starving Because Your Fork is Too Long?

There were 10 people sitting around the table looking at the most magnificent feast ever assembled. They were ravenous because they hadn’t eaten in some time. They looked at each other with big smiles knowing that they would get the feast of their lives! Then the forks were brought to the table…..The forks were 6 feet long! But it didn’t matter they were determined to eat the feast and they didn’t even wait they just started digging in.

What happened next wasn’t something they were prepared for. The forks being 6 feet long they weren’t able to even get food on it or get the fork to their own mouthes. After hours and hours of trying and getting frustrated and then arguing and trying some more and getting more frustrated a figure appeared in the room.

“Why are you frustrated?” asked the figure. Everyone started talking and telling of how hungry they were but they couldn’t eat no matter how HARD they tried. The figure sighed…..and asked “Why are you not feeding your brother or sister across the table from you?” “If you do, do you think they will reciprocate?”

The enlightenment shocked them all because it was so simple. Remove the thoughts about yourself and your hunger and feed others……and you will be fed too.

Be sure you are plugging into the System of events. But it’s not enough for you to plug-in be sure you are helping others to plug in as well. This system and the tools is what enables others to stay in long enough to achieve the success they deserve (and their families deserve too).

If you are feeding yourself and not your team or you are not even feeding yourself – you will soon starve. Your team watches what you are doing or are not doing.

If you continue to do what you are doing today with your team will they get closer to their dreams and goals or further away? If they get further away – so do you. If they get closer – SO DO YOU.

See you on the Sunday calls – EVERY SUNDAY;

646-519-5860 passcode 3564# (3kmg#)

6:00 pm CST/4:00 pm PST – Opportunity Call

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7 Ways to Win in Network Marketing during the Holidays

A lot of folks think the holidays are slow for Network Marketing. Actually the Holidays can be one of the busiest times of the year if you really have a desire to win. “Have a Desire to Win” is the operative term in that last sentence.

How can you accomplish results and move forward in your mlm business during the holidays? Well here are a few things you can do;

  1. If your company has been featured in a magazine and your friends and family ask what new things are happening – give them a magazine.
  2. While your guests, family and friends are over for the holidays play the company video on a continuous loop. It doesn’t matter if everyone is paying attention or not just let it play.
  3. When in line make a new friend. Let’s face it there are lines during the holidays – make a friend. Yesterday at Starbucks and still 20 feet from the counter in a line that snaked through the store I learned all about a persons life – more than I even knew about my own sister! Since we were old friends as we waited in the line after ordering I asked for the best way to contact them…..guess what, I got another phone number.
  4. One on one’s are excellent during the holidays. It may be a little more difficult to pull a group of people together – but to get with people individually is much easier. Go ahead make a call and meet an old (or new) friend for coffee – you’ll probably get through the entire presentation before you get your latte.
  5. Have a Walmart mentality. If Walmart is open – You should be open too. Be available for your team and go ahead and do what Walmart would normally do – stay open and move product – Lot’s of product!
  6. Ask questions – whenever you hear someone say “wow I am overwhelmed….or stressed…or whatever….” Ask them “Would a vacation to your favorite spot fix that?” Then let them know that you could probably help them since you have teamed up with one of the largest travel agencies in the world. Next question “What would be the best way for me to get in contact with you?” Make a Note of that last question – they were NOT asked for their phone number.
  7. At the bottom of every ecard or email you send over the holidays have the company webinar web address at the bottom. Some will click on it and watch the presentation and want to know more!

So there are some ideas but by far this is not an exhaustive list. If you have a will to win you will find a way to get it done in spite of the holidays. 2008 is around the corner are you getting closer to your goals or further away?