About Holton Buggs

Holton and his wife, Earlene, are responsible for helping thousands of people develop and realize their dreams and goals. Guided by the credo, ‘create leaders, not followers,’ Holton specializes in leadership development. His proven track record of success is evidenced by the words used to describe those he mentors and their success: top achievers, top income earner, etc.

Holton achieved Director in YTB within 43 Days of getting started breaking the previous record in half the time.  No one in the 7 year history of YTB has gone director as fast as Holton Buggs.

Currently, Holton’s goals and the pursuit of his passion have made him a Master Trainer and Motivational Speaker. His business savvy and entrepreneurial expertise is internationally recognized and sought after.

Definiteness of Purpose

With a desire and definiteness of purpose to positvely affect the lives of over 100 million people personally, spiritually and financially, Holton’s mentorship, training and motivation increasingly help others open their eyes to life’s possibilities.


Holton has been recognized and featured in a variety of media including:

  • The Power of a Mentor
    Holton Buggs, Jr.: Touching a Hundred Million Lives
    NETWORKING Times, March/April 2005
  • Conversations on Success, Vol. 6
  • Millionaire magazine (The ‘Billionaire’ Issue)
    May/June 2004


A Wealth Mentality will always precede wealth accumulation.
—Holton Buggs

Success happens when preparedness and opportunity meet.

Freedom, to me, is being able to do things on your own terms. I believe that a person can’t be personally free until they are financially free.
—Holton Buggs

In life you don’t get what you want, you get what you picture.
—Holton Buggs

The deposit is first, the withdrawal comes later. You have to decide what you’re willing to give up temporarily to get what you picture. …success is not easy or convenient. However . . . success is very simple to obtain.
—Holton Buggs



  1. hi mr buggs.
    how can i join your organization, i went to one of your meetings and wanted to join your team, but i hear you are no longer selling the rocket juice. keep strong brother, may dog bless you and your bussiness ethics.

  2. Please send me some information on your new company.

  3. Trying to reach you..

  4. Looking to be a part of your new organization.

  5. Please send me information on your new company.

  6. Send me some information on your new company

  7. Hi,

    Please send info on your new company. Have heard you speak several times in Oakland & Concord.

    Thank you

  8. How do we find out what the new project is?

  9. Interested in joining forces. I need to know what’s my next step.

  10. Holton,

    I met you five years ago in Atlanta GA. I was impressed with you and your presentation. I have not been in Cyberwize for 4 years. Please contact me at your earliest.

  11. Holton,

    I did not believe the news when I read it in my email box. I knew you are a true leader. I am not a part of cyberwize, but I have listened to your Cash Cow Cds for my other venture. The principles covered in your cds are helpful with ANY business! Thanks for your leadership and your vision. God speed for you and your blessed family.

  12. Hello Mr & Mrs. Buggs

    I would like more information on how I can purchase your training CD “Cash Cow”

    Thanks, Shari

  13. Holton, I was really surprised to hear that you left Cyberwize. I too left Cyberwize after 3 years of being with them. I’m now an IBO with another MLM company that has a far better comp plan and superior products. I’d like to share them with you. Please feel free to contact me and I’ll give you my websites. Thanks. Rogelio, Owner of Health2Wealth Enterprises.

  14. Hi Holton,

    How do I order the cash cow cd?


  15. 🙂

  16. Hi Holton,

    I believe when you change the way you see things, the things you see change.

    I am blessed to be a part of your team and Thank You for the Great! Leadership.

    See you at the top!

  17. I am so happy I found your page, as I was about to cancel my membership to CB, that God I found another YTB rep on this site, theres way too much YTB thashing, I am goping to be purchasing your ne dvd asap, Im a YTB reo and IM loving it, but i think I might need your help getting prospcts and having thm duplicat th nusiness, I believe that YTB was a God send to me, and I refus to giv e up

  18. Hi Mr. Buggs,

    Please help me. My husband is with Cyberwize. There are many things about the company that I don’t like. He told me that you left cb because you broke company rules and he told me that they said you did some other things, which led to you being kicked out cb. I am having a hard time believing this. He has been with CB for three years. He invested $7,000 of his 401k into CB after losing his job. In the last 3 years he only profited $1,665 . I am fustrated because he is giving this company his all and then some, but he is not getting anywhere and we are flat broke. Please help me. How can I get him to leave?




  20. Hi Holton

    Good luck to you on all your ventures. I to have experience with Cyberwize and now I am in a business that can help those that have had less then good luck with the MLM dream. To share the vision to help as many people as possible realize the blessing of being able to pay off their homes in a fraction of the time with little or no changes in their standard of living. Along with the debt they may have also acquired building a business. Thank-you for your leadership in the past I have always enjoyed hearing you speak.

  21. i wonder if there is any relation

  22. thanks for all of the leadership, friendship and exposure to this great industry..you are truly a great friend and mentor. Thank you for giving me the tools to suceed and be a leader. The Goffney family.

  23. Why YTB??? Why not a better travel company like WorldVenturs?

  24. u have an imposter on myspace.. he believes he is you!!

  25. Holton,
    What a great convention we had in St. Louis. And your seminar was the first one I attended kicking it off. Thanks for being such a great inspiration for those of us new to the MLM industry. Good luck thoughout the rest of the year! Joe.

  26. Mr. Buggs I to have been in other MLM? Network Marketing Co. This my last company,I am in YTB also and have heard some unbelieveable things about your mentoring to masses and helping so many, We have had some success but nowhere near where you are or what I believe this business can be. I bring to the table coachability and a very strong desire to succeed in business to provide a lifestyle they deserve and leave an Inheritance for my children’s children. any advice

    CEC Dallas Tx.

  27. Hi Holton,
    I’m coming to Houston Nov. 15th. I will only be here one evening and then I will be back one more night on the 22nd. I would like to meet with you and talk about private coaching sessions. Please email me and let me know if I could meet you in person. I would be interested in telephone coaching as I am just traveling through on vacation.

  28. I am checking to see if you are still with YTB??? I am excited to go through your website, and read you wealth of information. i received an email from a competetor saying you had switched companies….just checking!


  29. I just work for OrganoGold and them night I listen to team talk Mr. Buggs is so real and a very smart man that why I thik if you see it you can have it. Thank You for everythings

  30. […] About Holton Buggs ” 3kmg Blog […]

  31. Dear Holton,
    I am new to OG, but I have a large group in Scotland and the UK that would like to get into OG, but I am not qualified, so could you sponsor them for me, but place them under me so that I get the volume at least

  32. I would to come to one of your classes in the near future. Do you have some info that I can read over at this time.

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